Monkey Wrench

Monkey Wrench

Formed at the University of Buffalo in 1989, Monkey Wrench has built a solid reputation by delivering loud, fast, melodic punk rock to a loyal, decades-long fan base.  With echoes of The Replacements and Hüsker Dü, their raucous live sets are heroic, indie-rock epics of infamy that have earned them the opportunity to play CBGB‘s, share the stage with the Goo Goo Dolls, and play festival circuit at events such as moe.down.

These lads rock.  They were a favorite of the late Gene Severens, singer/songwriter/guitarist of the legendary Providence, RI punk outfit, Boneyard.  And they have all the cool vinyl and comic books that you wish you had.  Now that’s some street cred.

“With digging guitar leads, quick tempos, thick attack, and bellowed group courses, Monkey Wrench’s TLHLOtL strikes like After the Lights Go Out CH3 (especially) or a Roller Rink valley BYO bill of gnarly chops, like hearing a lost Someone Got Their Head Kicked In! band, though something like “Hey” throws in s-kicking country-billy, too.  This stuff never gets old.  And they were featured on USA TV’s Dad Rockpodcast?  Cool pops.”

– Jack Rabid,

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